Somewhere on your website, you need such options like to lead generation with free content download. You create an on-click button to open a form to fill out before downloading the free stuff.

They are 2 ways to add the option of redirecting contact form 7 by simply adding JS code in your contact form 7 backend and another step to install any one of the plugins as listed below

Method 1: Using JS Code

To create this redirection option in WordPress contact form 7 you need to add the below JS code in your contact form 7 back-end. In the location add the URL of the download product or your free giveaway product link.

/**** Redirect Contact form 7 JavaScript code ****/
document.addEventListener( 'wpcf7mailsent', function( event ) {
  location = '';
}, false );
contact form 7 redirect after submit using javascript code
redirection contact form 7 JS code

Method 2: By using WordPress Plugin

For the Alternate Method to use redirection on contact form 7 by installing WordPress plugins, we listed some redirection plugins which tested practically.

Redirection for Contact form 7:

redirect for contact form 7 WordPress plugin

After installing this plugin you will accept all access and you can see the action option in your contact form 7 back-end as shown in the below figure.

create action in redirect contact form 7
Your contact form 7 added a new tab with action

create a further action and choose the page to be shown after redirection to apply redirection to your contact form 7 and enable the option to open in a new tab

enable options to shift the URL after form submission
creating a new action for contact form
choose the action need after the contact form submission

Contact form 7 Redirect & Thank-You Page:

wordpress plugin redirect contact form 7 to thank you page

After installing this plugin you will get the redirect option in your contact form 7 WordPress back-end as shown in below pic.

redirection contact form 7 option
redirection option

You first create the thank-you page, add it here, and check the enable redirection.

select the destination URL and enable URL redirection
enable the URL redirection

Control for redirect Contact form 7:

controls for contact form 7 and analytics and tracking wp plugin

This plugin will add a new tab option of customize in your contact form 7 back-end and you can track your contact form.

Now for each form, you can apply the redirection option and parallel you have another option to enable Google to recapture & tracking the contact form report.

Conclusion: I recommend simply using the JavaScript code to redirect contact form 7. Adding more plugins will slow down your WordPress Website.

If you looking for validation of a contact form or to build a contact form in HTML and CSS check the below resources.


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