Using a WordPress website or blog and maintaining a professional domain mail from Zoho and your website contact form 7 is not sending mail to Zoho mail. In this Article, you get the solution for “Zoho Mail not receiving from contact form 7 or any other Plugin”.

Zoho is a separate platform for maintaining small to extensive business activities. while you are using your domain-based professional mail with Zoho, you need to integrate your server with the Zoho platform.

Follow the step-by-step process of connecting your WordPress to Zoho. To resolve the issue of Zoho mail not receiving emails from WordPress

Step 1: Install and Activate the Zoho Mail for WordPress Plugin

Zoho mail configuration WordPress plugin
select the zoho account for zoho mail configuration and copy redirect url

Choose your Zoho account hosted on or, select according to your Zoho account. To generate the client ID and client secret codes copy the authorization redirect URL and goto Zoho API Console

zoho API console

Click on get started and choose the Server based applications as shown below and click create now.

connecting zoho mail to wordpress with zoho API console
adding zoho client details of website home url and redirect url

Now under server-based application fill in the details of your client name, home URL of the website and past authorized redirect URL which you copied from Zoho Mail for the WordPress Plugin.

getting zoho client ID and secret code of Zoho API console

Now you access the Client ID & Client Secret code copy and paste on Zoho mail for WordPress Plugin.

Now you can verify your Zoho account with login once and test that your website form (contact form 7, forminator any form) is working to send mail to Zoho mail.

Testing zoho mail configuration
sending and testing live wordpress contact form 7
resolved zoho mail receiving mails from wordpress contact form 7

The above screenshots are the results of receiving mil from wordpress.

This is a very simple solution to connect the WordPress Website to the Zoho Platform. Even if you have not resolved the issue check the SMTP connection and Add Zoho MX records to your Website.

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