Looking to make a passive income without losing your job? In this Article, we list out the multiple ways how to make money online spending only 2-3 hours per day. Really Proved and worked out by me, there are multiple ways online to make money but we listed somewhere you can spend your 2-3 hours to make passive income.

Below we listed the proven ways to make money online

1. Earn Money Through Tutoring

Sell your skill online with 1:1 training for students or fresher employees. There are some platforms where you need to register and show your skills portfolio to students.

2. Make Money by Selling Courses

Sell the courses on your own website or in existing platforms like Udemy, skillshare etc., Create Beginners to Master level courses in a practical way and fill the gap in the market and update your courses with demand in the market.

3. Start your own Blog

Start your own blog with your passionate skills and stay tuned with writing 2-3 blog posts per week to make engagement with the audience and monetize your blog with Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense or membership content.

4. Start Affiliate Marketing

Become an affiliate with Amazon, Flipkart and some affiliate providers. Start creating product review posts or videos and add affiliate links to earn commissions on every sale.

5. Testing Apps & Websites

Become a tester to make a passive income. Some companies want their product to be tested before launch in the marketing. 

6. YouTube Channel

Start your own YouTube channel and entertain your audience. Become a partner with YouTube to monetize your channel with Google Ads.

7. Freelancing 

Become a freelancer based on your skill set and find companies that don’t invest a lot but still need services. You can take a step forward to charge them 40-50% less compared to service providers in the market.

8 Investing in Stock Marketing

Invest in stocks, it comes with some analytics knowledge. You have to update with marketing and trading on daily based stock shares investments and investment in stock in like connect with long term base.

9. Crypto Currency

Similar to stock marketing but it’s currency-based marketing like trading & investing in bitcoin and dollars.

10. Dropshipping

One of the best ways to start your e-commerce business is dropshipping. In Dropshipping you become a partner with product suppliers who handle the shipping and fulfillment of orders and make sales for their products with your brand name.

11. Selling Graphic Design 

Selling your graphic design on platforms like Freepik and making money on every sale.

12. Conducting Online Webinars

Earn money online by conducting online webinars on skill-based training at prices of $10. Less price and more registration equal a high price for members enrolled. Keep in mind you need more registration to build a brand.

13. Selling Images & videos

Sell your own pics or videos on platforms like freepik, and Etsy. In the market for their product branding, they will buy images & videos to make a quick process. 

14. Taking Online Surveys

Participate in online paid surveys that are conducted by market research companies to collect feedback from consumers based on news or products and pay you for each survey.

15. Become a Social Media Influencer

Become a social media influencer on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin to earn money online by running ads and promoting client’s businesses.

16. Publishing Ebooks

Make money online by selling ebooks on your website or on Amazon platforms with physical or digital ebooks.

The above listed are some true ways to make money online. It’s important to note you need some skill to start and everything takes time to generate revenue. Follow my blog. We provide free courses too and help students with all references. Any of the new way of methods you know to make money online comment below.

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