Hi, Welcome to the Btechiot. Myself Shiva Kumar from INDIA. I started this blog based on my life experience. Before going to know about Btechiot, A small Intro about me, I Graduated in Electronics & Electrical Engineering Stream. I have started my own freelance Agency i.e, Digitalgigs [it’s my Dream]. I Love Electronics, Robotics and Web Technologies.

While I am Graduating I saw my friends all ready to buy the Projects to submit to the college. Guess after all studying for 4 years we buy project outside. Bullshit happens due to a lack of knowledge in core subjects and some are helpless to clear their project doubts.

So, overall I have taken an advantage of that student who is helpless. This Btechiot started to share free open source projects on Electronics and Web Technologies. Those who are helpless can take advantage of Btechiot.

Btechiot shares the Open Source codes and helping for beginners with free courses on basics and practical knowledge, which every you get in colleges.

We Provide Paid courses so don’t skip paid courses. We design every course based on the company’s JOB lifestyle. After taking our course you can feel easy to reach your career goals .

That’s all about me and Btechiot Blog. If anyone needs Services on Website Design and Digital Marketing Services reach me at Digitalgigs.in

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