WordPress Licensed Themes and Plugins are the most trustworthy and free from scams and errors. In this article, we see what types of WordPress accept the licenses and how you can secure your website with free Premium WordPress themes and plugins.

When you choose the licensed and trusted WordPress themes you go to Themeforest.net where you have to invest some bucks of money to buy a theme from $10 – $90. But newbies of WordPress are not ready to buy WordPress Themes and Plugins they try out with free WordPress themes and plugins.

After a few working days, they look out for premium options for their website which are not available in free premium WordPress themes and plugins. You can try out the free premium WordPress Theme features with the GPL licensed Premium WordPress Theme and Plugins which are General Public Licensed Themes

Where to download free Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins with licensed?

We share with you 3 websites that are trusted and they provide GPL licensed WordPress Themes for free in weekly and monthly freebie stuff for all users.

But those freebie themes will not get support from the developer and you will never get future updates on those WordPress Themes. If you need changes you can develop a child theme to make code change on those freebie themes.

  1. Download the most trusted Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins from Themeforest.net. Yes, it’s true the themeforest team will provide free files for every month. You can download 2 premium WordPress Themes for every month.
  2. Similar to the themeforest the codester provide free WordPress Premium Themes for every week.
  3. Similarly 50+ free blog premium WordPress Themes from mythemeshop
  4. And finally the next way to get premium version theme by developing own WordPress themes. But, it so easy to create the your own WordPress Theme by downloading the WordPress.org free themes and customize those themes and sell them.
  5. Learn to create your own WordPress Themes and understand the WordPress Theme Structure to develop your own themes and plugins.


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