You are the Web Designer or Web Developer looking for free design resources. Then this article is for you, we discuss the top best free Figma UI kit resources which may use in your designs – as in Web design, flyers design, icons design, landing page templates design and more what you want to do.

Get the Best Free Figma UI kit Resources for your Design

  1. Figma Crush
  2. Figma Resources
  3. Figma Elements
  4. Figma Freebiesui
  5. Figma Finder
  6. Figma Set Product
  7. Figma Themes
  8. Figma Community
  9. Figma Freebiesupply
  10. Figma freebies
  11. Figma uistore

Figma Crush

FigmaCrush is the best resource for design newbie, it is with  100+ UI kit design resources which are already design with other designers, where they providing their Figma Files for free to use in your designs.

Figma Crush - Free Figma UI kit Resources

Figma Resources

Figma Resources is a platform where all designers share their Figma template kits, mockups, wireframes, UI kit to get feedback and others can reuse their templates. Select whatever the template design and just copy it into your Figma to use in your design.

Figma Resources - Free Figma UI kit Resources

Figma Elements

Get free Mockups for all devices including UI kits, free web components, style guides, illustrations and more free resources for Figma Newbies. 

Figma Elements - Free Figma UI kit Resources


Freebiesui provides free resources of UI elements for Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD & Photoshop cc. It helps the team works to create multiple applications to quick start their designs. And aside get a ready-made mockup design for Mobile & Desktop devices.

Freebiesui - Free Figma UI kit Resources

Figma Finder

If your team wants to switch completely to Figma? Then take the Figma Finder is an advantage to use free resources to use in your design templates, icons, illustrations, 3d elements and more to use.

Figma Finder - Free Figma UI kit Resources


If you look for dashboard designs and Dashboard UI kits, the SetProduct site is the best resource for newbies to make their work simply to create a better UI for their Dashboard Designs and get free UI web kits.

Set Product - Free Figma UI kit Resources

Figma Themes

Where in most of Web Design we see developers use the elements of Bootstrap and fontawesome. Then you need these design elements in your Figma Design then just Download the Free Figma Files to reuse the Bootstrap and Fontawesome elements.

Figma Themes - Free Figma UI kit Resources

Figma Community

Figma Community is a place where you can explore tuns of free resources and tutorials for newbies to use in their designs. And it also used to share your designs with others to reuse them.

Figma Community, where you get lots of free resources and tutorials, especially for Figma Newbies and those who started their careers as a designer.

Figma Community - Free Figma UI kit Resources

Freebie Supply

Get the 100+ free templates, apps designs, mockups and UI kit in Sketch, PSD, Adobe XD and Figma. Take advantage of the vector and fonts of every file.

Figma Supply - Free Figma UI kit Resources

Figma Freebies

It is also one of the free resources sites for Figma Newbies with free Files. Get Free Figma UI Kit Files for Templates, Web and mobile mockup design, Elements and more.

Figma Freebies - Free Figma UI kit Resources

UI store

UI store is a place where you find all UI kits. You no need to become a perfect UI at beginner just use UI Store recourse make your design more accessible to the user.

Figma UI Store - Free Figma UI kit Resources


Get Start your career as a web designer or web developer and improve your design skills more effective and trendy by using all the above free resources.


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